All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go
All Tied Up & Nowhere To Go Cover

All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go

All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go

All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go

All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go
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Review of the Album

Rarely in a debut album are found a pleasing mixture of styles and moods so evident in the new Christmas release album by upcoming star Rob. In All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go we are transported from the lively, rock rhythms of Go For It, through sentimental ballads such as A Romance That Didn't Last to the twenties-inspired The Stripper.

Masterfully compiled, the album never ceases to surprise the listener who is led down one mysterious lane after another (I want to take you places that you've never been) leading to new districts and yet never giving away the secrets of the ultimate destination, perhaps hinted at in the title of the album Nowhere to Go. The album, therefore, asks more questions than it answers, giving it an enigmatic fell which makes you want to listen again and again.

With such a diversity of melodies and themes it is hard to attribute to any one artist the influences of the original singer - hints of Madonna, Sinatra, Pet Shop Boys and even Aznavour succeed one another but ultimately Rob has created a unique and eclectic style which is his own.

The lyrics which are chiefly written by the singer himself cover all the great themes of humankind; good and evil, sin and forgiveness, love gained and lost, fun as well as sadness, raunchiness and fidelity, but all combine to give the overall message of the stoic determination to carry on despite what life throws at you: "I will grow strong, forever marching on."

The album cover reflects the diversity of the musical content - a mixture of evocative black and white images , jazzy lilac tones and an overall elegance which bespeaks class.

Be warned, once you have herd this album you too will inevitably be "All tied up" and "Robbed" in the sense of joining the increasing number of fans hooked on this inspiring and addictive singer.

Lorenzo Farina

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