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Rob's latest album
Christmas Means So Much Elecentricity

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WelcomeUpdated August 2014

Welcome to RoB's website!

Within the site you can find out about the Hertfordshire singer and songwriter, RoB Ward. To date, RoB has released four albums of his own work. They are:

All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go
Lazy Days
Christmas Means So Much

RoB also released Christmas Singles in December 2008, Christmas Means So Much, December 2009, Make Your Christmas Dream Come True and December 2010, If Santa's Real. RoB has also released two DVDs of some of his performances of his songs - All Tied Up & Nowhere To Go Live! and Elecentricity Live!

RoB has already confirmed a 10 track brand new uptempo album with many new twists and turns, including dance club beats combined with an arabic flavour. The tracks already recorded include Lights, Glamour, Action, R.oBscene and the beautiful Beautiful (which is the only ballad on the album).

"Mirror Mirror On the Wall
Tell me now before you fall
Who is the most luxurious of them all?
....Well????? "

Luxury Boyfriend is due to be released in 2015.

Track listings (to be confirmed)
Lights, Glamour, Action
Love You With the Lights On
I'm Guilty
Filthy Cute
Glamour and Cruelty
After Dark
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