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2009 saw the release of the fourth of RoB's albums - Elecentricity.

This album continues to have a wide range of musical styles from the arabic sound of Desert Rain through to the very club sounding track Persecution.

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Track Listing (click to play sample tracks)

1. Breathe In
2. Desert Rain
3. Persecution feat. Uche Eke
4. Mirror Ball Rock
5. Yesterday's Friend
6. Can't Always Fix What You Broke
7. Me and You
8. Living It Up
9. 10:43
10. Don't Let Go
11. Crazy in my Head
12. Lipgloss (in Avacado Green)

All Tracks
Lyrics by RoB Ward
Music by RoB Ward and Uche Eke
Backing Vocals - RoB Ward and Uche Eke


Recorded at Planet Uche,Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

(c) Wayne Jarvis 2007-14