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2004 saw the release of the second album entitled Playboyeurism.

Building from the debut album, Playboyeurism consists of a wide range of music from the "Eurovision" opening of You through the "hippy style" Run and Hide. The sensuous mini-opera Tale of Los Lobjas is a fantastic spanish style story and the cd culminates in the rocky A Little Bit of What You Fancy. This cd contains something for all ages and all tastes.

Shall I just sing and dance?
I can do that for a while
Let me loosen up my shirt
Hey, but that's just my style

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Track Listing (click on track to play a sample)

1. You
2. Love And Time
3. What Do I Have To Do
4. Run And Hide
5. When I Lay Awake
6. The Tale of Los Lobjas
7. I Could Not Love You More (If I Tried But I Lied) *
8. Do Anything For You
9. Love Letters
10. All My Love
11. A Little Bit of What You Fancy
12. Return to Los Lobjas

All Tracks
Written and Performed by RoB Ward
Lyrics and Music by RoB Ward
Music produced, arranged and performed by Steven Collazo

Backing Vocals
Love and Time - Steven Collazo, Sue Paramor
Run and Hide - Sue Paramor, RoB Ward
I Could Not Love You More (If I Tried But I Lied) - Steven Collazo

*I Could Not Love You More (If I Tried But I Lied) duet with Linda Collazo

Recorded at Dumb Yank Studios, Salisbury, Wiltshire

(c) Wayne Jarvis 2007-14